Sacha Decosterd

Kyokushin Pro Fighter

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"Don’t say it,
do it."

Sacha Decosterd, born August 14, 1990 in Lausanne, CH

At the age of four, Sacha started Karate in a small dojo in Lausanne. Since that day he has devoted a huge part of his life to practicing and was lucky and talented enough to learn from some of the best masters.

He participated in his first international competition, the Open of Malaysia, on the day of his fifteenth birthday. His potential was noticed when he won two titles in the Junior and Senior categories. Since then Sacha has won the Swiss Championship multiple times. In 2011, Sacha won the IBK Karate Kyokushin World Championship for the first time. A year later he won the Union European Championship.

For Sacha Karate is a lot more than a sport; it’s a way of life, a journey ventured to gain respect and humility. This harmony has motivated Sacha to push through his limits everyday for the past twenty years and succeed at the highest levels in his sport.


  • 2013 - World champion Ultimate Kyokushin Open Kata (Danemark)
  • 2012 - European Champion Union Kyokushin senior -80 kg (Italy)
  • 2011 - World champion IBK Kyokushin Senior Open (Holland)
  • 2011 - Champion of the International Open of Santiago de Chili, Senior Open at – 80 kg (Chili)
  • 2011 - National swiss champion in Open Senior Kyokushin in -80 kg and Kata (Switzerland)
  • 2011 - Winner against Oscar Nevado (actual world kick-boxing champion) (Switzerland)
  • 2011 - Winner against Samir Dourid (World kickboxing champion 2007-2009) (Switzerland)
  • 2010 - National Swiss champion in Open Senior Kyokushin in -80 kg and Kata
  • 2009 - National Swiss champion in Open Senior Kyokushin in -80 kg and Kata
  • 2008 - Champion of the Junior Us Open – United-States (Los Angeles)
  • 2007 - World Champion In category Junior Heavy Weight – Koshiki (Montreal)

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