Renaud Blanc

BMX Pro Racer

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"One life,
one chance"

Renaud Blanc, born January 3, 1991 in Geneva, CH

Since the age of 6 years, Renaud found himself on a track. This was during a sporting event where it was possible to try several disciplines from which Renaud chose BMX. Shortly after his inception Renaud was in his element and stood often on the podium at national competitions. It's a bit later, at the age of 16, that Renaud won his first amateur races! Since his beginning until today, Renaud owns two Switzerland elite champion titles. His current goal is to continue to grow at a high level and to participate in the next Olympic Games.


  • 2006: Champion Suisse,  5 ème au Championnat du monde amateur
  • 2007: Champion Suisse 6 ème au championnat d'Europe amateur
  • 2008: 11 ème au championnat d'Europe junior 
  • 2009: Champion Suisse junior 3ème championnat d'Europe junior
  • 2010: Champion Suisse elite 
  • 2011: Plusieurs final en championnat d'Europe élite
  • 2012: Champion Suisse élite, top 30 en coupe du monde, top 10 au Red Bull révolution

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