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Qual e seu jogo ?

Alexandre Rodrigues, born September 9th, 1992 in Geneva, CH

Sports enthusiast from a Young age, Alex tried football, cycling and athletics ... When he was 17 years old a meeting made him take the direction of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. During his « Apprentissage » of cycle mechanic, a regular Customer, following numerous discussions about combat sports invites Alexandre to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu lesson, the first of a long series.

It is only 4 months after his first lesson that Alexandre won his first title of Swiss Champion (2010) then he has never stopped training and made a decision to go regularly to Brazil to operate in the birthplace of jiu -jitsu with the best fighters. Alexandre, with the encouragement of his teacher, decided to move into the world of MMA, he turned professional in 2013 without losing the values of Jujitsu that it is essential. Its objective is to evolve at the highest level in.

Palmarès Jiu-Jitsu :


  • 3ème European Championship IBJJF (Lisbonne, janvier)
  • 1er Coupe Suisse NOGI (Genève, juin)
  • 1er Coupe Suisse NOGI, Open Weight Class (Genève, juin)
  • 1er Naga NOGI Expert Division (Monaco,juin)
  • 2ème South Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship CBJJ (Florianopolis, juillet)
  • 1er Mondial Jiu-Jitsu Championship CBJJO (Rio de Janeiro, juillet)
  • 2ème Rio International Open IBJJF (Rio de Janeiro, juillet)
  • 2ème London Open IBJJF (Londres,octobre)
  • 2ème London Open NOGI IBJJF (Londres,octobre)
  • 2ème Brasileiro NOGI CBJJ (Rio de Janeiro,octobre)


  • 1er European Championship IBJJF (Lisbonne, janvier)
  • 1er London Open IBJJF (Londres,octobre)
  • 1er European Championship NOGI IBJJF (Londres, octobre)
  • 1er Brasília International Open IBJJF (Brasilia, novembre)
  • 1er South American Jiu-Jitsu Championship CBJJ (Florianopolis, novembre)


  • 1er Coupe Suisse NOGI (Genève, juin)
  • 1er Coupe Suisse (Genève, novembre)


  • 1er Hot Night 2 (Genève, novembre)
  • 1er Coupe Suisse (Genève, novembre)

Palmares MMA :

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